The 39 seconds rule


If you drop food upside down you don't eat it until 39 seconds have passed. Why? The 5G towers . Falling means falling at 5 times gravity in reverse. You do the math and you end up with 25 times the speed of sound. You do the math and you end up with 125 the speed of light. The angels speedrun your life. You spam tbe Socrates /Phil/ dungeon. Your level at culture : kino at best. Watch the office and forget about it. 12 seconds have passed. You have (do the math) 27 seconds left. You're wondering how did it ever get to this. You take a 100% shot at the chances you take and you miss. You read the daily newspaper and it's not morning anymore. 24 seconds have passed. You speedrun tbe Angels' lives. 23 seconds have passed. Your level at culture : prehistoric at best. Time is going backwards. You spam your take at the chances. Truth is revealed. You got fooled twice. 12 seconds have passed. Just eat the goddamn thing.